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Getting To Know Z.A. Tambuzi


Zindua A. Tambuzi is a graduate of North Carolina Central University. He did his graduate studies at Michigan State University and has taught Math, Biology, Swahili, cultural development, and a plethora of Social Sciences disciplines.

Upon completing undergraduate school, he returned to Africa and lived in Kenya for 3 years. While there, he traveled to 10 countries and became fluent in Kiswahili and quite proficient in Kikuyu.  Zindua is a leader, visionary, teacher and an organizer of people and is the founder of Healing Our Vulnerabilities and Success Builders. The focus of his mission is community development, cultural restoration and developing the keys to Human Excellence. For over 25 years, he has conducted life and business planning sessions for individuals and organizations interested in achieving their personal, professional, and business goals. Z.A.Tambuzi has an endowed capacity to meet people where they are and assist in the transformation to a heightened and brighter reality. Tambuzi will assist you in clearing away internal contradictions that often undermine your clarity and capacity to maintain a bull's eye focus toward your goals.

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Connect with Tambuzi

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